About Us

Tara farms spanning over 120 acres proudly recounts a 100 year old legacy in agriculture and horticultureOur family has been involved in growing various food and cash crops along with growing trees. Our family is very passionate about agriculture and seeks out and implements modern farming methodology in the most eco friendly manner possible.In keeping with this vision we are now into extracting cooking oils with farm grown raw materials - ground nut, coconut and sesame (gingelly) which is thoroughly washed, cleaned and then the oil is extracted using a wooden oil extractor with utmost care tended towards hygiene and cleanliness in every step until the final product. It gives us immense joy and personal gratification to be able to give out quality.

Our Goals


We proudly grow and nurture many varieties of fruits and vegetables. We also have a 10acre vegetable garden where we grow seasonal and all season vegetables.


We grow Coconuts , Mangoes , Amla , Lime , Sapota , Jamun , Papaya and Guavas and many types of vegetable like Green Chilli , Ladies Finger , Tomato , Ridge Guard , Bitter Guard , Pumpkin Among.